Introducing the Error Message Lookup Tool


We know it’s frustrating when an on-screen error message interrupts your viewing experience. So we’ve made it easier than ever for you to fix those errors and get on with watching your favourite shows.


Just type the on-screen message you’re seeing on your Sky+ or Sky Q box or Sky Q app into our new Error Message Lookup Tool and find the relevant help content to solve your issue quickly and easily.





Most errors can be solved online, and our help guides will walk you through all the steps to fix your issue and continue watching TV.





Have you seen an on-screen message that isn’t covered by the Error Message Lookup Tool? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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Camera Assistant

I was not aware of this new thing but came across it by accident, It was raining very hard, Our Sky box cut out, leaving my husband cross, He was fiddling about and voila there it was,  It was telling him things and I thought that it was a good idea, If my TV goes off in my bedroom, I switch the whole thing off wait and then it appears again, [I would ideally throw it out of the window, but I won't] lol