How to set up a Sky+HD box.

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The other day, my aunt called me up and I immediately knew what it was going to be about. She’s appointed me as her go-to person for anything she likes to call “technical”.


She told me that her Sky box wouldn’t change the channel and after we both pulled our hair out over it for five minutes, it became clear that she’d just pressed the TV button on her Sky remote. Do’h.


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But then it dawned on me. Since getting Sky Q installed a couple of weeks ago, my trusty Sky+HD 2TB box has been collecting dust in the cupboard. My aunt has a five-year-old Sky+HD box which has never had a problem, but her hard drive stores a sixth of what my 2TB box can.


So it was agreed. I’d go over to her house that weekend, take my 2TB box with me and she’d return the favour with one of her famous roast dinners. No, honestly, they are amazing!


Anyways, it only took me about five minutes to set up the new box in her house. I just...

  • Turned the old box’s power off at the wall,
  • Carefully removed the satellite cables,
  • Popped her viewing card into the 2TB box,
  • Connect the cables to the 2TB box.
  • Finally, pop the power back on. Simple.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 08.57.38.png


During this time, my aunt was, as ever, the hostess with the mostess. During the 2-3 minutes the box took to load back up, my aunt put the kettle on. As I pressed the Sky button on the remote to turn the box on, the tea was brewing. And as I pressed the WPS button on the box to connect it to the home broadband (so my aunt can download any Corrie she’s missed on demand), the biscuits were on a plate and my cuppa was ready.


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The final thing I had to do was activate the channels that my aunt subscribes to on the 2TB box. A quick shortcut: just go to channel 106, wait for the ‘Your Sky viewing card needs to be paired to your Sky+HD box’ message to appear on screen, and then press select.


And that was it. I ended up stuffed with roast beef and my aunt now has a shiny updated Sky box.


For more help, check out this handy video or head over to the Sky+ community.


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Your Aunt sounds like a fine lady - you can't beat a proper roast dinner! Smiley Happy





when I did the same for my parents we ended up ringing Sky - that was an upgrade from a white Sky+ box to a HD box though - was it not necessary?

Camera Assistant

It isnt always as simple as this if the box has been sat in a draw for a year but 99% of the time u can swap a box out without callin. when i did it i had to update the software on the new box because one of the serial numbers were missin but i dint need to call.


I wanted to install SkyHD in Dec' 15  when  Sky had a deal to upgrade that seemed  worthwhile,  especially as my original box is about 16 years old,  however,  a death in my family and traveling in and out of the UK at a moment's notice prevented me making an appt to sort out the upgrade.


I asked if it was possible to simply send the free HD Box and I will install it, I was an electrical engineer in my 20's, not that it is needed to swap out boxes, the reps I spoke to all told me that is a very complicated procedure and not something I could ever do myself.


After reading the OP and his success am I correct in thinking I can just buy an HD box and install it myself? I would only need Sky to sort it at their end then,  and if they won't at least I can watch a bunch of free HD channels and bin my old box.

If anyone has gone this way could you let me know how it went.

Thanks, and thanks to Mark for making me realise how much I miss a roast and Yorkshire pudd's, booooooo ;o)