How do I fast forward to a specific point in a recording on Sky Q?

Community Manager

With Sky Q you can quickly fast forward to a specific time in your recording.





Voice Control allows you to quickly go a specific time within a recording. Using the Sky Q touch remote or Sky Q remote with Voice Control press and hold the voice button saying any of the following commands clearly into the microphone (located just below the sky button).


  • “Go to [minutes]”
  • “Go to [minutes] minutes”
  • “Jump to [minutes]”
  • “Jump to [minutes] minutes”
  • "Fast Forward [minutes]"
  • "Rewind [minutes]"
  • "Rewind to [minutes]"
  • "Skip [minutes]"
  • "Skip [minutes] minutes"
  • "Go forward [minutes]"
  • "Go forward [minutes] minutes"
  • "Skip backwards [minutes]"
  • "Skip backwards [minutes] minutes"
  • "Go back [minutes]"
  • "Go back [minutes] minutes"

Alternatively, using your Sky Q remote swipe/press up and swipe/press right or left to move minute by minute. Press and hold right or left to move to a particular point.



Don't have a Voice Control enabled remote? You can order one on our accessories page.