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These steps will help diagnose what may be causing your Sky Hub to lose connection or receive slower-than-expected speeds.


1. Check your setup


Setups vary from home to home, but generally your Sky Hub should be connected to your master phone socket.


Remember to remove any extension phone cables and make sure your Hub is connected to the socket via a microfilter – if you have a pre-filtered socket, a microfilter is not needed.

 Sky Broadband setup .pngSky Broadband setup


2. Check Sky's Status page


Sign into Sky Status with your Sky ID and see if there’s any maintenance or outages at your local phone exchange.


3. Test your connection


Go to and follow the steps which best describe your broadband issue.


If you choose to test your connection, sign in using your Sky ID and run our line tests. Depending on the results, you’ll be offered next steps which may include booking an Openreach engineer to investigate a fault with your line outside your home.


If you currently can’t get online to test your connection, use your mobile phone’s 3G/4G service.


4. Sky Community


Sky Community has thousands of members who are ready to share their knowledge and expertise. If you’d like their help, post your Sky Hub’s statistics in a new post and an explanation about your issue.


CLICK HERE to go to the Broadband Community, and select the blue button in the top left to start a new conversation.


Start a new conversation .pngStart a new conversation

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