Freesat from Sky

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Freesat from Sky is an easy way of getting satellite television without a monthly subscription. With so many channels, you’ll always find great TV and radio programmes on offer.

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What channels are available?


Freesat from Sky offers a range of channels from BBC, ITV, Channel 4, PICK TV Sky News and 5 USA.


What about HD channels?


When using a SkyHD box you’ll have access to 11 free to air HD channels.


Will I be able to record programmes?


The recording facility is a separate subscription. When using a compatible Sky box this can be enabled on your viewing card for a monthly cost.


What equipment do I need?


If you’ve previously had Sky TV, you can simply connect your Sky box to the existing cables in your home, your Sky Viewing card automatically became a Freesat card once your monthly Sky TV subscription ended.

If you need any new equipment, click here for more information.


For more information about Freesat from Sky, go to or call 03442 410 595 (select option 1)

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I joined Sky in 2011 and haven't looked back since! I am passionate about helping others and all things Sport. My favourite TV show changes all the time, but I bought The West Wing Box Set from Sky Store, which I regularly re-watch.
New Viewer

I left sky becuase I found the services laking. When I heard I can still use my equipment for freesat with sky I thought they had redeemed themselves. I was very mistaken... all they want is more money for "free" services.


Left and I am regretting that I had another look.

Boom Operator

What service did you request? Was it the recording facility or Sky+ with pause/rewind?


I want my sky card activated. Instead they want me to buy a new one. 


So how much is the 'recording subscription'?

New Viewer

I don't understand why sky offer a package that is so subpar and in noway competes with run of the mill freesat boxes, being able to record is a basic feature for anymid range box (especially terrible when like me I'm using my old sky HD box which I've paid for I own but they dumb it down so I cannot record anything) and these days on demand services are as basic of a feature than a remote control.

I thoughrouly don't understand why if sky bother to offer 1 a viewing card to use in a paid for HD box, or a. Dedicated box for freesat why they wouldn't want to blow the competition out of the water, giving basic record and demand services  generally sky's epg and interface is better than other boxes it tv's own menus but it's not good enough to tempt me if I cannot have basic functions like record and on demand services  and given its sky the lack of 1 sky channel as a sweatener to pick their (very expensive) freesat box seems a strange buissnes stance, the more freesat customers they get the more advertisement revenue they will create, having a subpar offering that is worse than a mid range rival still requiring a subscription to do basic features is just bad business to me, so I do not get why they offer freesat all? They also do not make it clear when ordering the £25 viewing card that these features will be missing. 


I agree totally with the above comment. It seems Sky dont want people to make use of their old boxes.

I can get a second hand Sky HD+ box off Ebay for around £20 but a Humax with the same spec would be over £100.

This is all due to the fact an old Sky box cannot record Freesat without subscription. 

So most sky boxes will end up in landfill sites with their hard drive taken out.

Come on Sky, be kinder to the planet and allow these old boxes to record Freesat without subscription.

Sound Supervisor

Totally agree, it's a total con by Sky charging for the record facility for the little they make from freesat in this setup they lose 3 times as much in public relations, the cost of offering what they do cannot be viable as why would anyone bother with this when a there's is a recording box option after a 1 off payment for the box ? For me this diminishes their product and far from an advert to take a subscription with them if I had this crapsat service with them (which I never will) it would put me off from upgrading with them as it would feel like sky were nothing but hidden under the radar rip,off charges (which they are anyway lol).

The buissiness model for this is terrible and whoever is in charge of it should be fired, it's like their doing as a tax fiddle or just to receive grants or funding if such a thing exists for supplying free to air.


-10 out of 100 for this nonsensical buissiness model mr Murdock 

Sound Supervisor

What I don't get is why sky would not want a piece of the free to air pie, you can't tell me that if sky supplied the recording option with the viewing card ( they could even charge double for the card ) that then more would come to sky's freesat therefore thell be more people watching sky's service which mean there's more people watching sky's adverts which then creates revenue for sky etc offering a service but not really bothering to do it properly is just a bad buissiness model and doesn't really make sense to anyone with half an IQ of a demented single cell life form.