Can I change my Sky payment date?

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GT25 asked; can I change the date my Sky bill comes out of my account?

To change your payment date,  you need to give Sky at least 14 days notice.

CLICK HERE to change your payment due date online.


Your Sky bill is generated 14 days prior to the payment being taken from your bank account, once the bill has been generated the payment date is fixed for that month. Any change made within that 14-day window will take effect in the following month. Once the change is made, you cannot adjust your payment date for another month.


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If I make my monthly payment on 27th of each month, I have until 13th (14 days before) to change this month’s payment date. Any change I make between 14th-27th will take effect from the following month.


CLICK HERE for more information about how to change your payment date.



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