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Where to get started

Welcome to the Sky Community. To help you get started, we've put together some FAQs to help you get the most out of your time here.


Will Sky staff answer my question?


Although Sky staff do monitor the community, this is a customer-to-customer community. Community Managers will get involved from time-to-time to point you in the right direction.


Who will reply?


Most likely, your post will be replied to by another Sky customer. They are donating their time to help you and other community members who are looking for a little help.


How will I know when I get a reply?


As well as notifications in the community, we'll also send you an email anytime there's a reply to a conversation which you've been part of. Click here for more information about notifications.


What is an Oracle?


You may come across a member who is identified as an Oracle. They are customers just like you who have been identified by Sky as amongst the most active and knowledgeable members in the community.


I have a question about my Sky account.


The community isn't the best place to help with account specific questions. You can manage your Sky account at


How do I post my message?


No matter if you’re looking to start a new conversation or reply to somebody else, it’s really simple.

  • Start by creating your community account
    • click login at the top of the page and follow the on screen instructions
  • Next, find the right discussion board for you
    • select discussions at the top of the page and choose the right category e.g. Sky Q
  • Click New to start a new conversation or choose a conversation and hit reply

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Other stuff you might find useful


You're ready to go. Choose the discussion topic that's right for you and post your message.

Community Manager

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