Setting up Bookmarks, Subscriptions & RSS feeds

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Setting up Bookmarks, Subscriptions & RSS feeds

Keep up to date with your favourite topics and posts by using bookmarks, RSS feed and subscriptions - whichever suits you best!




Bookmarks allow you to list community content - blogs, boards, topics or individual posts on a special page where you can easily find them. 


To bookmark a post:

  1. Open the actions menu on the left of any board or post (shown below).
  2. Choose the bookmark option. 

 Bookmark Option.png


To manage your bookmarks to into My Settings>Subscriptions & Bookmarks.



When you subscribe to a post, board or blog article you're interested in you will receive email notifications whenever that content is updated. 


You can subscribe to any board, topic or post by following the steps above but selecting Subscribe instead. 


 Subscribe Option



To manage your subscriptions, open the drop-down menu and select My Subscriptions.

My Subscriptions




RSS or 'Really Simple Syndication' is a way for you to get the latest content from the Sky Community, along with many other sites you visit. all in one place. 


To subscribe to RSS feed, follow the steps above selecting Subscribe to RSS Feed instead. 


To use RSS, you'll need a feed reader. Once you have this setup, you can find RSS feeds in the community once you've subscribed to RSS feed.  

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