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Good and bad answers

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Bad post


hi all, i currently have sky tv, but its coming to an end in feb 2011, i,m in 2 minds of getting broadband unlimited now but i,m wanting to cancel my sky tv package in feb, can i still get broadband unlimited now and still cancel my tv package in feb? i,ve heard you can now get broadband with sky as a standalone without the need to subscribe to tv packages is this true, and if so can i add broadband to my tv package now and still be able to cancel in feb my tv package but still get to keep my broadband unlimited package, ? i know if i cancel tv package i will pay an extra £2.50 a month, 

Good Post


Hi, all,


I currently have Sky TV but my contract is up in February 2018. I am in two minds between getting broadband now but I want to cancel my TV package in Feb. I've already tried looking at but I can't see a definitive answer anywhere.


  • Can I get broadband as a standalone product without TV?
  • Can I get broadband now and still cancel my TV in Feb?

Thanks in advance!

Community Manager

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