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Community Rules

  1. First one's easy - be nice to each other.
  2. Lawyers aren't cheap! Don't tell porkies or make accusations
  3. Keep your chat on topic. Post to help, not to argue with, disrespect or harass.
  4. Use links wisely and keep them clean.
  5. Selling your TV, rehoming your cat, or promoting your business/website? This isn't Gumtree.
  6. Criminals want your personal information. We don't.
  7. Don't incite complaints, campaign or lobby. 
  8. Use the spoiler tag. Don't be that guy.
  9. We hope it doesn't come to this but if you need to make a complaint click here.
  10. Leave religion and politics at the door.


If you break any of these rules or our terms and conditions you may feel the wrath of the almighty ban hammer.

Full terms and conditions are just around the corner.

Community Manager

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