Launches & Changes to Sky Channels - November 2018

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Launches & Changes to Sky Channels - November 2018


Launches & Changes to Sky ChannelsNovember 2018.jpgHere's where you can find the latest launches and changes to Sky channels. Subscribe to Launches & Changes to Sky Channels to receive regular updates.



Tuesday 30th October 


New Channel Launch:


  • CBS Reality (ROI)  EPG 146. CBS Reality is inspired by real life drama, crime, the bizarre and the unexplained. Bringing you sensational unscripted.


Thursday 1st


  • VTV (EPG 777) has been restored to the EPG, after a temporary removal.
  • Massive R&B (EPG 373) renames to Total Country. Celebrating country music - old & new! From classic Dolly Parton & Garth Brooks to Carrie Underwood, Ward Thomas & The Shires.
  • Food Network (EPG 197) swaps with Discovery Shed (EPG 172)
  • Sky Spooky / SkySpookyHD (EPG 302) renames to Sky Hits/ Sky Hits HD. Sky Cinema presents the biggest and the best movies - the hits you missed and the blockbusters you want to watch again.
  • Sky ScFiHorror/ Sky ScFiHorrorHD (EPG 310) will swap with Sky Action / Sky Action HD
  • Chartshow Hits (EPG 370) renames to Christmas Hits. Christmas Hits will keep you in the festive mood with our 24/7 party playlist.


Friday 2nd


  • Sky Drama/ Sky Drama HD (EPG 309) swaps with Sky Greats/Sky Greats HD


Saturday 3rd


  • Sky Drama/ Sky Drama HD (EPG 309) renames to Sky Christmas/ SkyChristmsHD. Wish it could be Christmas every day? We make your wish come true with a sack full of festive crackers on our dedicated Christmas channel.


Monday 5th 


  • Sky Superhero (EPG 850)/ SkySuperheroHD (EPG 309) renames to Sky Greats/ Sky Greats HD. Relive the powerful and influential golden age of Hollywood – timeless storytelling, unforgettable hits and movie legends.
  •  SkyAnimation/ AnimationHD (EPG 305) renames to Sky Family/ Sky Family HD. Watch the memorable movies together - they're filled with fantasy plots, heroic characters and incredible animations.


Friday 9th


  • MTV ROCKS (EPG 355) renames to VH1 Christmas. Get ready to sing it loud to your festive faves as VH1 becomes the home of Christmas Hits.


Wednesday 14th


  • Scuzz (EPG 366) swaps with Chartshow Hits (EPG 370)


Thursday 15th


Channel Removals:


  • Sony Crime 2 (EPG 181)
  • Scuzz (EPG 366)
  • V Channel (EPG 680)


  • PTV Prime (EPG 718) swaps with AAJ TAK  (EPG 738) and PTV Prime is listed at (EPG 783)


Friday 16th


  • Sky Hits HD (EPG 302) renames to Sky StanLeeHD. Sky Cinema pays tribute to the Marvel-lous world of comic book legend Stan Lee with a dedicated channel.


Monday 19th


  • Sky Stan Lee/ Sky StanLeeHD (EPG 302) renames to Sky Hits/ Sky Hits HD. Catch the biggest and best films fresh on Sky Cinema on our dedicated hits channel.


Tuesday 20th


  • NOW 80s (EPG 371) renames to NOW XMAS. The home of Christmas hits is back on TV! From Slade, Wizzard & Wham to The Darkness, East 17 & Michael Buble - all the classics are here right NOW.

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