How To Send Thanks To Sky

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Very positive feedback

I rang up today to get my services re activated I was put through to a guy called aron I think his name was he was very very helpful he was understanding to the problem I had he got all my services back on within 5minutes he explained everything clearly..I've never spoke to someone so lovely I am really really pleased and impressed I hope he gets the recognition he truly deserves Smiley Happy
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Re: How To Send Thanks To Sky

Hey there,


Just thought I'd write here to praise the customer service experience I had when calling to possibly cancel my sky broadband on Sunday 27th March. Usually Sky sends a message/email asking me to rate my experience but as of yet I haven't receieved one. 


My customer service representative was called Chloe ( I think from the Derby/Burton call centre) and upon listening to my (over long description) about my situation and concerns regarding my sky broadband subscription eventually managed to prevent me from leaving Sky.


Suffice to say that not only did she manage to convince me not to leave sky with some incredible savings, but she actually endeared me to the company a whole lot more. We spoke freely and in a friendly manner about a number of different topics related and unrelated to my issue whilst the system took time to update, she had such an affable manner that it made the situation actually quite enjoyable . I have to praise the Sky call centre for allowing their staff to converse with their customers this way, it was both incredibly human and very progressive. Even though I discovered she had been on 7, 9 hour shifts in a row ( 63 hour week) and across a bank holiday as well! she still managed to have a really pleasant and engaging manner, and seemed genuinely concerned with my issues.

 Unlike nearly every other call centre ( and possibly customer service ) experience I've had in my life (except maybe Apple), I never felt rushed or patronised or in any way like I was just one of a queue of people trying to be sold or convinced of something, I just felt catered for. I really can't praise her enough. 


I have grown up with Sky in one way or another, my dad is still a customer after first signing up for the full subscription in the mid 90's and often talks about getting rid of it and moving to Virgin. But I think I'll suggest he has a chat with your CS team instead of cancelling .


For me, I have to say this experience highlighted why call centres should probably be kept inside the UK. As polite and knowledgable as the people are in call centres in other parts of the world, the often scripted nature of them detatches you from the conversation and the humanity of the person on the the other end and ergo the company/brand creating the impression that as a customer, you're not valued beyond that of your financial input. 


I'd really appreciate that you'd pass this on to the people in charge of the call centre that dealt with my issue. I really think employees like this should be highly valued and shown that even though sometimes it may seem like they're repeating the same mundane task over and over to no end, there are people out there that appreciate them and that no matter how small the token, it matters to someone.


If I could rate my customer service experience out of 10 then I'd have to say that this one ( Chloe ) goes up to 11

.... It almost makes me look forward to having my next broadband issue ! ... Almost... and was certainly enough for me to forgive her for liking Hollyoaks. ha


Keep up the Good Work




P.S Chloe for Prime Minister 2020!


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Re: How To Send Thanks To Sky

I'd like to thank the THREE engineers who turned up and worked together so well. Russell, Scott and Warren. In Fochabers Moray yesterday (sunday). They overcame all obstacles and we're very professional and friendly. Just as you'd expect from Sky. Thanks guys!!!@
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Re: How To Send Thanks To Sky

Hi There,


Please can you pass on my upmost thanks to Lee Chetwyn in the Retentions Department (Live Chat).


He was the most geniune, funny person to talk to and really helped when others couldnt.


He didnt try and push me into anything and checked several times that I was happy with what he was doing.


He resolved my issues and managed to reduce my bill down by £20 a month to make it more affordable for me : )


He is a real asset to Sky and Lee I hope you convince your wife Football is a good thing!!


A****** For him and A HUGE THANKS!

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I would like to say a huge thankyou to Andy in the Sheffield?? Office and Kerin in the Glasgow office for excellent customer service today, very professional and helpful. Also a huge general thankyou to sky as I have had wonderful all round service, very happy with sky 😃
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Re: How To Send Thanks To Sky - Chloe 02/04/2016

I think i may have closed down the link before the feedback button came up.


Can i just say that Chloe was a dream to work with on the online chat today, very helpful, polite and professional.


Thank you for all your help Chloe



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Re: Sky feedback

hello i had trouble with my broadband , i rang sky and spoke to a  lady called abby   and had a lovely voice , she talked me through what the problem might be , also did a check on the line etc , even gave me a call back the next day , and made sure everything was working correct ,  great customer service abby thanks again

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Re: How To Send Thanks To Sky

I had a Sky+ error yesterday evening and rang through to a call handler called Kushaal in India. Charming and knowledgeable, he was able to guide me through the procedure to reset and recover my Sky+ planner, which proved to be not straightforward, as  it is a very old box and hard drive .  Outstanding service, patient and good humoured, well done Kushaal and Sky. I was expecting a post conversation survey to be texted to my mobile, but I suspect that the number I gave was misinterpreted, that's the reason for posting my thanks here. Excellent service  - 11 out of 10.

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Re: How To Send Thanks To Sky



Could you please send "mark" who I spoke with on chat live a massive thank you for his help and the way I was dealt with.  He went above and beyond in his efforts and resolved my situation.  Unfortunately I had clicked too fast and the feedback form did not appear.  After the amount of time he spent on me, helping and advising, he deserves a medal and has secured sky with at least another 12 months of my business.


Thank you Mark


kind regards




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Re: Compliments


I have been dealing with sky over the last week and a half trying to sort out my Internet.

I have spoken to 3 different people  the first chap was very nice he was totally  confident in the equipment however it did not fix my problems.  

The second man was very hard to understand and also promised to ring me back which he did not!!!! very unhelpful

The third man Michael Aldridge. He was extremely helpful apologetic for my troubles and also honest!!

his support was invaluable. It was very clear he was unable to do anything further however explained all this to me and promised to ring back which he did and then he followed this up again the day after. His continuity meant that I did not have to repeat my concerns again. I feel that his customer service was second to none he was very polite, honest and followed through with his actions.

I feel that Michael was so helpful and hopefully sorted my concerns out that he needs acknowledgment!!!!!!!!

I feel so strongly  I have taken time out of my very busy day to say Thank You.


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Re: How To Send Thanks To Sky

1st time user, so not sure where to post this.


Just wanted to say thanks very much to Bethany at 'Save Stockport' department.  Rang this morning re upcoming subscription increases and she has arranged a great deal for me as well as an engineering visit re a problem Sky+ Hd box.


It was a pleasure talking to you, and you are acredit to Sky

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Re: Very helpful sky advisor!

I'd been having a lot of problems with my router. I spoke to an Irish man called Frank and tried to explain what was happening but I've had a stroke so it was difficult for me to tell him. He took control, asking lots of questions and was very patient with me when I had difficulty answering him. He was very empathetic and made me feel like I was no trouble at all. After some considerable time, he solved my problem. Very well done, Frank!!

I just wanted to tell everyone how very helpful he was.

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Re: How To Send Thanks To Sky

I just wanted to feedback on the service from your engineer Chris today. 3 months ago we moved in to our new house and had an engineer come out and re install sky for us. Sadly he did a really poor job and the wiring looked really ugly around our house he didn't ask us what colour wire we wanted and just wasn't interested in his job complaining he didn't think he could do it and just seemed to moan throughout the installation. We felt really disappointed in the service. Today however we couldn't haven't experienced better service Chris came along and straight away apologised for how the work had been done I think he was surprised by how poor it looked. He quickly changed he wiring and made sure it was fitted correctly and not hanging down over our porch. He did an excellent job, was clean, tidy and very professional. Nothing was too much trouble and he was really friendly and helpful. I just wanted to say a big thank you to Chris he reinstated our faith in sky installations and is truly an example of what great service should look like. Well done Chris 😊
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Re: How To Send Thanks To Sky

Just off the phone to sky were I spoke to Shannon andJaylan both of them were extremely helpful and helped me to reduce my monthly subscription both we're chatty and courteous without being pushy thank you both 

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Amazing Stefan - Pro Tech Team

BIGGEST thank you to Stefan on the Pro Tech team for listening to my issues I'd had with Fibre Pro speed drop. He's the only one that bothered to take time to listen and not fob me off. He could see I'd had issues and wasn't afraid to get authorisation for an Openreach visit - brilliant guy!