How To Send Thanks To Sky

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Re: Great Service

Welcome to the Sky Community @Faheem+Nasis!


I'm glad to hear you're satisfied with your Sky support experience. Your feedback has been forwarded to our customer service dept. 


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Thank you!


I just spoke to Matthew and renegotiated my deal. I thought Matthew was going to email me a survey after the call but I have a feeling I was supposed to stay on the line and do a phone survey - oops!

Matthew did a fantastic job today and was very friendly and patient. Please pass on my feedback Smiley Happy
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Feedback for Peter at the contact centre

Hi there,

You should probably promote Peter at your contact centre.

Unfortunately, I don't have any more information on him other than his name and that he dealt with my cancellation at around 5:35.

But yes, you should probably promote him. Having worked in a contact centre myself, I know it's not the easiest of jobs, but he has the perfect temperament for it. He was extremely helpful and patient, and has the kind of calm disposition that's ideal for the job.

The value for money I've received from Sky has been even worse than the satellite signal I received, but your contact centre staff have always been helpful. Your UX designers should be making it as easy to give positive feedback online as it is to make a complaint.

Rant over.

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Re: Thank you!

Hello @MrsHaitch,


Thanks for your feedback!


We've passed it on to the customer service dept. and they'll make sure that it gets to Matthew.


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Positive Feedback for Sky Agent Emma

Just wanted to drop a message to the forum to say a big thanks to Emma (agent code: 1cew08) who was excellently helpful with my call this evening.  Having wanted to review my package, Emma listened to my requirements and avoided any hard sell (which always annoys me).  She then went through the package details in full and gave me the monthly bill payments for the next 12 months.  Normally I dread the annual phone call to Sky to review my package but on this occasion it was actually a pleasant experience.  Thank you Emma, I'll definitely be asking to speak to you again in 12 months time!

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Re: Positive Feedback for Sky Agent Emma

Thanks very much for the positive feedback. I have managed to track down Emma and passed on your kind words. 

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Re: Positive Feedback

I have had an engineer visit today as I had suffered a loss of signal. The engineer (John) rang me last night to arrange a time for the visit. He arrived within the given time slot. I was very impressed, he had no sooner got through the door when he produced a pair of shoe covers and put them on. he worked efficiently and quickly, sorting the problem in less than 30 minutes. All I can say is that Sky should reward employees like him as he was a real ambassador for the company.

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How do I get a message to a staff member at Sky we want to thank for all his help ???

Can you help ? 

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Re: How do I get a message to a staff member at Sky we want to thank for all his help ???

Post here and the Sky forum team usually hunt down the staff member and pass it on.

Note: Sky forum staff can be identified by the Sky icon next to their user names.
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Re: How do I get a message to a staff member at Sky we want to thank for all his help ???

The staff member is Tony Green, Service Excellance Consultant Leader from the support team escalations. 


He he delivered excellent service and came through with all promises he made - always called at the time and day he said he would 


Well done Tony 

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Re: How do I get a message to a staff member at Sky we want to thank for all his help ???

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @candmmurray !


As @Annie+UK mentioned, we will pass this on to Tony on your behalf.


Smiley Happy


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How do I send thanks to Sky? Can't find an option for positive feedback!

Hiya. I've been a Sky TV customer for about 10 years now.


Both times I've had to have engineers round to fit dishes and set up my equipment, it's been painless, delightful and a pleasure. The engineers have always been so nice and so helpful.


I love my Sky plus, with HD - I don't have tonnes of spare cash so I don't go out much, so my Sky is really important to me. And as a motorsport fan, since Sy took over the coverage of Formula One, I have to say that the F1 channel is simply superb. The coverage, analysis and features are second to none.


Anyway I've just had a Sky Talk and Broadband package installed alongside my TV. From the first call to customer services to arrange the new services, to the receipt of the equipment and the faultless service I've had ever since - with a decent download speed too - it's been with your usual painless, well-informed process - from emails confirming things to texts about engineer visit timings.


I then had a fabulous engineer come round to fix a small probem with my On Demand service - rectified when he discreetly indicated that I had used the wrong cable to connect the box to the Router. D'oh! However he equipped me with a wireless connection, which works perfectly - and noticing my 8 year-old dish was getting a bit rusty, replaced it for me for free. He turned up on time, was careful when doing work, wore shoe covers, was a lovely chap, and made the whole experience pain-free. He didn't leave until he was 100% happy that I was completely satisfied with all aspects of my Sky services.


I know this all sounds a bit sychophantic, but I honestly have no affiliation to Sky at all! However, having been a Director of my own companies, I know how quick people are to complain, but are far more economic when it comes to thanking a company for exceptional service. I therefore always try to take the time to contact any firm, when I have received what I would call really good service.


So I've tried to find an email address to send my thanks to Sky, but to no avail. I wonder if anyone might point me in the right direction - or if someone from Sky might see this post and pass on my thanks accordingly?


Thanks! A happy customer.



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Re: How do I send thanks to Sky? Can't find an option for positive feedback!

Usually people just post the name of the person on here and a community bmanager will make sure it gets forwarded onto to the person in question.


If someone has helped you then please click on the LIKES button in their post.
I do not work for Sky.
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Great Service

I recently came back to Sky for my TV. Process went smoothly and contact with staff was a pleasure, always polite and you don't have to go through hoops to speak to a person who can assist.


Anyway I decided to order Sky Q , install 30th March , so brought my calls and broadband over as these savings made very little difference to total package cost even with the additional cost of Sky Q. On the date of broadband transfer I called just after 8pm as the order had not completed again agent very polite and efficient and informed me that the order would complete within the next couple of hours. At 9.30 router light went orange so plugged in my Sky Q hub all working fine. The wifi speed on 40-10 package is better than my old 80-20 package.


I hope the Sky Q install goes as well. On a minor point I have now registered for the weekly newsletters which are sent out Sunday. I have never received these even after numerous calls to Sky. They say all my profiles are correct.


A small point however the service has been excellent.


Paul Whitehead

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Re: How To Send Thanks To Sky

I have been a Sky TV Customer since 1998 and throught the years have upgraded so that I now have Broadband, Talk and now Sky Q.  On the few occasions I have needed to speak to Customer Services they have always been helpful and courteous and have always solved any problems. Based on my positive experience all these years I registered for SkyQ and was very impressed with all the informative emails I received plus the website. I phoned on 11th February to buy SkyQ and spoke to Alison. She was so friendly and helpful and explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions. Hopefully you will pass on my thanks. Turning to the installation yesterday (17th March). The Engineer, Lee, arrived within the time slot and although it was later in the day he was very Professional and explained the installation steps to me. All my questions were answered and he took care with all my equipment. I have an old house with thick walls but everything was set up perfectly and I am delighted with Sky Q  and increased speed on my computer too. Please pass on my thanks to him also, if you are able to, as I cannot give my personal details. He was very knowledgable and had worked for Sky for 20 years. Just thought I would give you this positive feedback. Thank you.

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