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New Viewer

I am a user of sky films, but am about to cancel when my contract ends in a couple of months. 

The reason is to many animated films, I don't like them and will not watch them.

Just watched a great film, Red Sparrow, if you like thrillers it's a must.

More like this Sky and I may consider staying.

Would suggest you have a rating system good films , it might help you to recognise what people want to watch.

New Viewer


I have sky q and am wandering about how the mini q box works?do you just pay a one off payment for the box and receive all channels on the package i have or do i also have to pay an extra monthly fee on top of what im paying already

i watch football through my laptop the problem i have is if im watching it through sky sports the picture is rubbish but when i watch it on bt sports its brilliant ..... WHY ?


New Viewer

Hi I’ve paid my bill on the 21st of jan but it’s still saying it’s over due can you please tell me why that is

New Viewer

I keep loosing subtitles. Its set but not showing

Community Manager

Hi @Ann+Webber


What's the programme affected? Do you have a Sky+ or Sky Q box?