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I am a user of sky films, but am about to cancel when my contract ends in a couple of months. 

The reason is to many animated films, I don't like them and will not watch them.

Just watched a great film, Red Sparrow, if you like thrillers it's a must.

More like this Sky and I may consider staying.

Would suggest you have a rating system good films , it might help you to recognise what people want to watch.

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I have sky q and am wandering about how the mini q box works?do you just pay a one off payment for the box and receive all channels on the package i have or do i also have to pay an extra monthly fee on top of what im paying already

i watch football through my laptop the problem i have is if im watching it through sky sports the picture is rubbish but when i watch it on bt sports its brilliant ..... WHY ?


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Hi I’ve paid my bill on the 21st of jan but it’s still saying it’s over due can you please tell me why that is

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I keep loosing subtitles. Its set but not showing

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Hi @Ann+Webber


What's the programme affected? Do you have a Sky+ or Sky Q box?




I cancelled sky 1 year ago after being with them continuously since 1996.

For the latter years I had discounts of up to 75% which made the subscription more bearable, but with smart TVs having so many freeview channels and my Netflix subscription, I didnt see the need to keep SKY anymore and was offered 50% discount and a rolling 1 month contract but still declined.

The subscriptions have now altered and I contacted Sky last night to see what it would cost, bearing in mind that I wish to keep my existing Sky+ box and would only need switching on at their end, there wasnt any bargaining at all other than £3 discount and had to sign up for 18months !

The Sky guy also went on to tell me that Netflix is billions in debt and if sky was to offer discounts then they would be in the same way due to how much they pay for football etc - Well I dont want Sky sports anyway.

I have friends who have been offered the Entertainment pack for £11 and add ons for as little as £1 each.

But I was offered nothing for my loyalty for 21 years service so I guess I wont be returning to SKY anytime soon.



Been trying to call sky for many weeks but can5 get through. Need someone to call me please asap 

Community Manager

Hello @Babsuk, this is a peer-to-peer forum, so I'm afraid you'd need to contact us directly. Did you try following this flow on Sky Help https://www.sky.com/help/articles/contacting-sky? At the end of each flow, there are different contact options.

Sky’s just crap had problems with broadband for months and they just don’t care bad enough they took f1 coverage from channel four it crap coverage too half the presenter talk [removed]


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