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Community Manager

Before earning the rank of Camera Assistant on the Sky Community, he has dedicated over 40 years to IT, lastly working as Chief of Technology for a TV channel. Although retired, he keeps using his extensive knowledge to lend a helping hand to our forum members. Very proud to have you here @BookIT!



In Sky Q box versions


"Other than the fact that the Sky Q 2 TB v2 box has an external power supply, is there any difference between it and the v1 box?"


"The 2TBv2 has a gigabit Ethernet interface, v1 and minis have 100Mbps."



In SKY Q - Can't use iPhone 6 as a router


"We have moved from an area with Sky Fibre to a house with no broadband connection at the moment :-( I have an iPhone 6 with truly unlimited data and was able to connect this to the Sky Q silver (2TB) box at the old address and use it to download on demand. (33 MB down and 10 up on the phone).  [...] Any ideas on how to get the Sky Q box to see the iPhone as a router - it connects but reports not connection to broadband rounder and no connection to the internet. [...]"


"@WibbleWobble1999 please don't take offence but looking at the results you posted I can see why Sky's systems may have concerns that your system is not in the UK. Testing for MTU with ping -f -l 1472 is very standard, if that works shows you have an MTU of 1500 (1472+28) good as it gets on consumer broadband. Outbound from you test appears to work but Sky's servers respond with a smaller payload 1416 indicating an MTU of 1444 (1416+28). This implies Virgin or EE did fragment ping or reverse MTU discovery indicates to Sky a lower MTU. [...] The tracer shows five hops in the class A range.  This range is reserved for private use and should never be routable on the public Internet. [...] I would have expected the ping to work symmetrically i.e. what worked outbound worked in reverse. I'd also have expected all traffic upstream of your iPhone to have been on a public IP address and for the public facing IP address of your iPhone to have verifiably allocated to a UK ISP. Without this, I can see why Sky might have a problem. [...]"



In Amber standby light


"Had box swapped today and whereas on the previous box the standby light was red, this box has an amber standby light. Is this normal or is it trying to tell me something?"


"I have a 2TB v2, the light at the centre of power button has three states, Green = On, Amber = Normal standby, Red = Powered off (hold the power button for ten seconds) or I believe Eco standby which I don't use so not 100% sure."


"Thanks for the info!"