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Well done @gymno74! 👍🏻 🔝



In Sky remove Rev.9 v Rev.10


"What are the differences between the Sky remote rev.9 and rev.10?"


"There is one TV function upgrade I noticed with the rev.10... After pressing tv, each press of the help button is set to change the AV input source in sequence. With some TV's this would be useless because pressing help would bring up an on-screen menu from which one can choose the desired input source but only with the use of the directional & select/ok buttons. With rev.9's the directional & select buttons don't work when in tv mode but they do on the rev10."



In Router disconnect


"[...] I was under the impression Sky aim for a 6dB noise margin?"


"Nope, it's been 3 or 6 for several years now (or anything above 6 but that would indicate a problem). Originally it was obviously only very good lines syncing above approx 16Mbps that could get the 3dB treatment but as DLM evolved it can seemingly set 3dB on almost any line now. DLM is very unpredictable with regards to target margin, interleaving levels, power outputs & speed, with identical attenuation lines often having varying degrees of all the above. As a guess, I'd say around 15-20% are on a 3dB target margin."



In DSL speed decreasing


"[...] Over the last few weeks my asl speed has dropped from around the 14mbps mark to around the 7mbps mark. [...] just reduced in speed over the last 14 to 20 days or so. Sky broadband checker says its fine [...] location is Chesterfield [...]  many thanks for your help!"


"You'll get the best result if you leave the sky router connected for the time being. Once the fault has been fixed, phone sky & ask them to switch profile optimisation on. This will put the DLM system into line training mode & over the next week or so will maximise not just speed but also other parameters such as interleaving depth. Don't settle for a manually set profile as these don't utilise all the technologies that DLM can, like g.INP & "nitro". Only after DLM has finished profiling the line should you then try your own router & see how performance compares. Sky's DLM software works best when in tandem with their exchange kit & router firmware."


"This is exactly what I expected thanks! [...]  I shall enquire about that if they don't already do it! [...] Cheers!"



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I've never visited the blog area so didn't even know this was still a thing.
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  Well done gymno, welcome to the club, still not sure what benefits we get. Smiley Wink

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Yes, those benefits...
Surely there must be something for us somewhere.
The problem is the harder i look, the less i see. Smiley Wink
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Hey well done Gymno, good on yer,

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I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Sky viewers, members and Sk moderators a Very Merry Christmas, And a prosperous New Year.


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OOOps Sorry, heart: Guys. my pictures are lopsided, and around the wrong way. oh well, I did try.

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And the same to you @jazzy53260 Smiley Happy

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Merry Xmas!.png  to you @jazzy53260!


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Hi, Federica,

I think it is my Pug named Humphrey, I Don't think he liked his Santa outfit,  I know it is not my husband, so it has to be the dog, Lol.

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Furry Christmas to Humphrey too! 😃

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Thank You, Federica, you have a good Christmas Too. XXXXX