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He's a Sound Supervisor in the forum and a Software Engineer in real life. You can see him mainly in the brand new Netflix on Sky Q board, where he looks pretty at ease answering the most tricky questions...



In Netflix App


"From what I've read, having the ultimate on demand package, I'm able to watch Netflix on the Netflix app, but what details do I log in with? It's just asking me to sign up for a free one month trial. Or have I got it completely wrong? Thanks in advance."


"If you don't already have Netflix then you may benefit more by signing up to Netflix first and taking advantage of their free month trial.  You can still use Netflix on Q without Ultimate on demand.  When you set up Netflix you will set up a username/email and password for the account.  Just use these to sign in to the Netflix app on Q. If you find you like Netflix then just before your free month has finished, get the Ultimate On Demand pack.  Sky will then take over billing and you can save up to £5 a month on the cost of Netflix and Sky Box Sets when priced individually.  Be aware that depending on the package you are currently on it may or may not be advantageous to go with Ultimate on Demand, it may work out better for you to keep them separate."


"I already have signed Up To the ultimate on demand. So is there a way to watch on the Netflix app or not?"


"OK, not sure how it works when you don't already have a Netflix account.  I would assume it requires you to create a Netflix account.  Did you get an email asking you to go to Once there, you sign in to your Sky account and follow the prompts."



In Netflix


"Hi I have just noticed I have a Netflix app next to Spotify. Can I sign in to this without having to pay for the ultimate on demand as I have a Netflix membership."


"Yes you can Smiley Happy"



In  What happens to my Netflix subscription if I ever decide to cancel sky boxsets? 


"Today I’ve linked my sky and Netflix up. So, I just wondered if in the future we decided to cancel our sky boxsets, then would we lose Netflix altogether or would Netflix just start charging us £7.99 again like we used to pay? [...] Thanks."


"If you cancel the Ultimate On Demand with Sky (or cancel Sky itself) then as long as you still have a valid payment method registered with Netflix, Netflix will start billing you again."



Super-duper @NMJToolbox! 🙌🏻 



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Sound Supervisor

Thanks for the recognition, it is appreciated.  It try to help where I can Smiley Very Happy