Member of The Month - May 2018

Community Manager

@JonW42 joined the community in March this year and he's now a Sound Designer. He can be often seen exchanging views about Sky Q and Sky Go & Apps topics, and we like him for his helpful tips and honest feedback.




In No sound UHD royal wedding


"Don't know what I'm doing wrong but I go on to sky news or sky one and it says press for UHD it changes but got no sound?"


"We have the Royal Wedding on in UHD and the sound is good. Try going into settings and set the sound for normal and see if that fixes the sound."


 "@JonW42 thank you it worked don't know why" 😊




In Westworld in UHD


"I wonder if it is mainly an upscaling problem, it was a perfect picture on my old HD TV.

I don't know if anyone has turned off upscaling if their TVs allow it."


"If you have the box set to 2160p, then the TV won't upscale as it's already a 4K picture. The box upscales. The problem is that the box doesn't do all that good a job upscaling. So if you are watching HD, set the box to 1080i and set the box to 2160p for UHD. That will give you the best picture possible and let the TV do any upscaling of the HD content."




In New order of channels


"Overall I like the new EPG. Is it perfect? No. Was the previous order perfect? No. The old order had many more issues then the complaints I'm reading about. The +1 channels are mostly useless as if there's an HD version of the non-+1, then the +1 for that is worthless. What Sky needs to do is dump the idea that every channel also needs an SD version and just go with HD where HD exists. Anyone still using an SD TV will just have to upgrade the TV/Box."



Community Manager

Thanks for being a part of the community @JonW42 !


Thank you for making me member of the month. I do enjoy helping others.