Member of The Month - March 2019

Community Manager

He’s a Sky Q customer who joined the forum in 2011, and he’s now a forum Director with a background in IT consulting. Jamestown and The Blacklist are some of his favourite shows, and he can easily jump from techy discussions in the Sky Q and Broadband boards to chats about sports and TV series in Entertainment. Who is our Member of The Month for March…?  🔆  😃



In I just want to watch Netflix! Grrrr


“Also, could you please recommend an app for iPhone that will help me with which Wi-Fi channels are best to use? I’ve tried a couple but none seem to give that information. And I’ve read on the internet that Apple doesn’t allow that information in Apps?”


“You will not find a specific app for this on iOS that will work. But you can do this:

Download the Airport Utility app (an Apple airport is not required)

Once the app is downloaded, Go to the iOS Settings > Airport Utility

Turn on Wi-Fi Scanner

Start up the Airport Utility app, touch Wi-fi Scan, then choose scan

Walk around your house and see all the reported networks, hotspots etc."



In Streaming


“Hi, I have just plugged in my new sky hub router and now I can’t stream from my laptop to my LG smart tv. Before on the old sky router I used DivX to stream content from my laptop to the tv but since the new router, my tv doesn’t show DivX. Any ideas?”


“Is UPnP turned on in your router settings? For the Sky hub, you can do that through this menu.



In Sky mini box


“Sky mini box signal from the router is lost overnight and nothing I do or follow instructions solves! But always after a few hours, all is OK!”


“The Sky Q main and mini boxes by default go into an eco-mode between 2.30am and 5:45 am. You would need to bring your main box out of eco mode as well as your mini during that time for the mini to connect and operate. Read the sky help article here”


Well done @lettice!