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He registered to the forum in summer 2017 and he’s now a Camera Assistant mostly active in the Sky Q board. @Quoman7 has been a Sky Q customer for over eight months and he gets actively involved in any discussions about Sky Q functionalities and calls for support...




In Sky Q boxes 


"I was just wondering about linking of sky q boxes, Is it possible to use a sky q box as a mini box, I have 2x full-size Sky boxes as replaced one due to a dead hard drive, Would it be possible to use a full size Sky box as a mini box i.e linking them together so its just like the mini box stream from each other. I know it's possible to just take a multiroom subscription without the box so if possible its something id be interested to do, Thanks in advance." @danison1234


"Hi No, you cannot link SKYQ main boxes together, and as you are only supplied 1 Q box from Sky you cannot have more! Sky Q 2tb box can have up to 4 mini boxes connected but only able to watch two boxes at the same time."

"Thank you for that" 




In New Update shown on screen

"Hi, I have recently had Sky Q installed including a second TV in my bedroom. Last night on the bedroom TV I had a message on screen saying update available with a choice of 3 responses. Show details, update now, update later. It’s been impossible to activate any of these choices. I have updated I think via the bedroom tv from the settings menu. However, the message on the screen remains! How do I get rid of it?" @TIM200


"I think this update refers to your TV software and not SKY Q, turn Q off and try and update your tv with the tv remote."

"You are a star sir....never even crossed my mind 😊............👍"



In How to pause on one TV and continue watching on another TV? 

"Hi, Sky community, I'm after some help with SkyQ and linked mini boxes in different rooms; How do you pause a programme on one TV and then continue watching it on another TV? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, @DonkeyW"


"Hi Press record on your selected channel then on your mini look for continue and carry on watching your programme."






Many thanks Glad to help, 😀

Community Manager

congrats @Quoman7 well deserved.