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Member since October 2012,  he's now an Executive Producer with over +2k likes received.  He can mainly be seen in the TV and On Demand boards, where he never runs out of tips and humour Smiley Happy. A big THANK YOU @Pacco65!






"I have just changed my Wireless Router and done my iPad; PC and laptop. I can't find how I set up my SKY+ as I cannot get onto CATCH UP as it recognises I have changed and need to put my new WEP Key in. [...] all I get is a message saying Unable to connect."


"The following link should give you all you need to know




In How many Gb a month does Sky Q use?


"Bit off track chaps Smiley Happy as much as I love my rural view this all begs the question if I cant really enjoy UHD  is sky Q worth the bother."


"If you are specifically getting Q for UHD content, then I would say it is a non-starter on a capped internet connection. There is some live UHD content, but that's pretty much Sports. The majority of UHD content is to download. You would be forever trying to keep a check on usage, and if there are other people with fingers in the pie so to speak, it would be pretty much impossible to police I would have thought. Even taking UHD out of the picture, you'd be severely limiting your use of the system IMO."




In Possible problem with Sky Q box or with UHD movies 


"I too have the problem with flickering. Watching the cricket in UHD yesterday, it was really noticeable but not in HD. Thought I would look on the forums to see if other people had the issue. I have an LG C7 OLED. All picture settings (noise reduction etc) are turned off. I have a V1 2TB box."


"You could try the noise reduction option as outlined in previous posts, but I would say your best course of action would be to contact Sky to arrange an engineer visit. If nothing else, the more visits their engineers have to do, and the more boxes they have to swap out, the more seriously they will take the issue and the harder they will work to find a resolution Smiley Wink"







Community Manager

 Nice one @Pacco65 - well deserved. 


Well deserved indeed