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What we know about him is that he's achieved the rank of Editor and he's a member since 2013... He's received over 300 likes during his time on the forum and he knows his stuff about Sky Q, broadband and all things TV. We're very lucky to have you in the community @Roger+Peters, well done!




In Noise from box


"Noticed this morning a faint irregular knocking noise from the Sky Q box in standby.  Can't say I have noticed this before.  Anyone know if this is normal, please?"


"Only two things that “move” in the Sky Q box, the cooling fan and the hard disk. The fan is less likely to cause a knocking noise when faulty, but not unknown. Usually when someone has used an air duster too close and bent the spindle so it’s hitting something as it rotates. The hard disk is more likely to make a knocking noise when its bearings are failing. If it continues for much longer, I would recommend calling out Sky as there is nothing you can do to remedy the problem and it’s under warranty anyway."



In Sky Q and Virgin fibre. Advice, please.


"I can’t seem to find any figures for actual and theoretical download speeds possible and attained from alternative providers than SKY which is what I’m interested in.🤔"


"Of course the download speed is limited. You can’t let those with the fastest speeds hog all the bandwidth. All companies, be it Sky, Microsoft, Apple or even torrents that distribute software over the internet throttle the download speeds. Plus they are not going to throw unlimited funds into hardware to cope with flat-out speeds for everyone. The speed for Sky only needs to be fast enough to be able to stream a UHD program without buffering and that’s going to be far lower than even your previous 100Mb/s. The speed of information you are seeking is not usually published or available. Your only option is to contact the companies directly, but I very much doubt if they will be that helpful."



In Sky q UHD picture and audio set up 


"Hello,  I’ve 2tb Sky q box, Yamaha Dsp 2200 and Panasonic cx55 700. I can get 2160 picture if HDMI directs to tv but can’t seem to get audio through Yamaha with either HDMI or optical.  So I’ve reverted to 1080 and decent sound until resolved. Any advice, please?"


"If you’ve tried it via optical from the Sky Q box and it doesn’t work I can only think that you need to select the correct input on the Yamaha. As far as diverting it from the TV via optical to the YSP you would need to find a setting on the TV to disable its internal speakers and output to an external device. Not sure about Panasonic but on my  LG. I have to select sound out to optical. Then again make sure the Yamaha is set to the correct input."









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Does anybody know when the HDR update is arriving the sky q boxes?