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He loves 80s music and Eye of the Tiger is probably his favourite song 🎶 😉. He's been a community member since 2010, and he's now a Managing Editor actively engaged in the Sky Q, Broadband and Sky Mobile boards. 




In Free calls and texts for EVERYBODY.


"You don’t even have to have Sky to get free calls and texts with sky mobile. So what exactly do we get for having Sky?"


"The offer is short term if you read the small print (Available with the purchase of a new Sky Mobile data plan from 21.12.18 to 31.01.19 for non-TV customers)  Sky does these offers from Time to time.  You still have to buy a data plan though. You get Free call & Texts for having Sky."



In Why Do I Have Both Sky Unlimited & Sky Fibre On Bill? 


"I am currently on Sky Broadband Unlimited but have just upgraded to Sky Fibre Unlimited, which is due to be installed in my home in a few days. [...] I have just checked my account and both Sky Broadband Unlimited AND Sky Fibre Unlimited are appearing on my account [...] Does this mean I'm going to be charged twice on my next bill for two different broadband types? [...]"


"You will be charged for Standard Broadband up to the date of your Fibre broadband going live, then you will be charged for Fibre.  If you check your bill again you should see the dates they cover.  You need to be aware you are charged a month in advance for Sky's services."



In Live UHD


"Is there any way to watch UHD live? I understand that Sky Sports is accessible this way (via red button). Just wondering can you access movies this way at all?"


"Sky One, Sky Arts are 2 that I recall doing a UHD 'Live' simulcast, to be honest, they are far & few between. UHD live broadcasts tend to be sport related. If you want to see 'Live' (I use that term loosely) you could tune in the Astra UHD Demo channel using the other channels option  Frequency details are here"



Well done @GD1!









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Thanks Cat Happy

Community Manager

Is Eye of the Tiger really your favourite song @GD1?  😃

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It wouldn't be in my Top 10 as I have a very wide taste in 80s Music, the more obscure, the better.