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Member since 2011, he's started his activity in the Sky Q board from January 2017. Exactly twelve months later, he's earned 24 badges and stepped up to the rank of Managing Editor. Well done @sky+veteran!


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In Sky Q unnecessary hotspot?


"I've had a sky Q 1TB box installed to replace an old sky HD box that had suffered a disk failure. [...] Can I safely switch off the WiFi via the installer menu, or am I missing some use for that hotspot that I might actually need and just haven't realised yet?"


"Hi @cdavman. You can safely turn it off ..."




In A silly 4k question for a new sky q user


"[...] I have recently upgraded to sky q 2tb box (no 4k subscription) The sky q box is set to output 1080p. Will the Sony tv upscale the image to a higher quality, or by limiting the sky q box to 1080, will that stop that the tv upscaling (yes i know this seems odd) ?"


"Hi @osiras. The simple answer is yes, your TV will upscale the picture. Sony Bravia 1080 upscaled is near 4K quality as I can testify with my XE93."


"Amazing, thank you for the quick reply!! So i will leave it set in 1080 and let the tv do its job. amazing"




In iPhone slow internet after sky q


"My iPhone has a really slow internet connection since I got Sky Q and my sons android phone has a ridiculously slow speed.  I have Sky Fibre Broadband snd everything worked fine on the old router before having Sky Q installed." 


"Hi @alfie8547. You may be able to remove the quess work if you install the Apple Airport Utility on your iPhone or iPad to find vacant channel slots Depending on the model your iPhone you may be using the 5 ghz band so make sure you avoid channel 36 used by the Sky Mesh but the Airport Utility will show you this."


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Community Manager

Congrats @sky+veteran amazing stuff in the Q board there. All in one year pretty much too. 

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@Federica-C  @Sam-R  Thanks Smiley Happy


Well done, well deserved