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He joined the community in 2012, and he's now an Editor whose help activity spans from Sky Q to Entertainment. He's recently earned a Thanks badge for 3 accepted solutions... and trust me, he'd go the extra mile to find the answer you're looking for. He is... @Rhonny!



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"Surely there are large properties that expect more than three simultaneous players. Can you advise on the correct switching hardware and wiring diagrams for larger installs or point me to the correct forum? "
 "@Philps+Pasty The number of simultaneously operating mini boxes doesn't vary by property size. If you have a 2tb box, you can have four minis but only watch two minis at once, i.e. three TVs in total including the main box. You may need to contact Sky to ask them for help directly if you're looking to do what you're intending. A domestic set up will not work for you. Only Sky will know if there is a solution for business customers, which is what you will need to be. (Edit: @TimmyBGood beat me to it!)




In Channel not there


"How can I access ITV England when based in Scotland?"


"You'll have to manually tune the channel you want. Go to Home - Settings - Manual tuning. According to esteemed Sky Q Oracle, @SDR"You will need a number of tuning parameters such as frequency, polarisation and Symbol Rate and then save the newly added channels." I believe the tuning information you'll need can be found here:"




In Here and Now - Advert Music


"Anyone know what the music is on the Sky Atlantic ad for Here and Now. I've been hearing it all day with SSN on in the background."


"Is it this?"


"Thanks for trying to help out with this one @Rhonny"










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Well, isn't that a nice surprise?! 


Thanks! @Federica-C

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I’ve been a member for year. My account info says I’ve made 901 comments but when I click to review then there are only 24 available to view why?

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Morning @Mouse38 - I believe this is because the majority of your posts have been made in our trials areas and due to the sensitive nature of that discussion the posts are moved to a private archived area. Therefore you can't navigate to the posts themselves and they don't show on your profile page. Hope this makes sense. 

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Yes makes sense, @Sam-R the forum I used to be part of, now closed. So I can no longer acess any of it. But I had some past posts, I wished to refer to for my own use. As you still store this archive in a private area, I am entitled to access it or ask for a copy of it. How do I do it? Send me a PM if necessary.


After watching the F1 race on sunday such a huge dissapointment and we are expexted to pay £18 a monthe for this drosss I see that the Moto Gp is on the same day as the next F1 race which should I watch such a difficult descison