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Friendly and easy-going, he registered to the forum in 2013 and he's now a Director of Photography. Sound systems really sound like his thing and he would explain to you how to set them up in every detail. Last but not least, he will never say 'no' to a good slice of fresh...  😜 🍈




In Netflix via q impressive


''I have my Sonos Playbar connected straight from my TV (as that was what I was told to do). Will check to see if I'm getting 5.1 surrounds when I watch Netflix through Q. How are you checking what you are getting? just so I know.''


"[...]to check what the Playbar is receiving in the Sonos App on your phone. Go to “About my Sonos system.” More > Settings > “about my Sonos system” (right at the bottom of the list) in there you will see the Sonos devices and room. You will see “Audio in:” and it will say what it is receiving there:-


”Audio in: Dolby Digital 5.1”

”Audio in: Dolby Digital 2.0”

”Audio in: Stereo”


You need to to go into the “about my Sonos system” whilst the audio is playing ... you can hit the < arrow and go back into it to see if there is a difference between Netflix source or Sky Q source. If your Playbar is connected to the TV, then there are a few other considerations we need to be aware of.


1. Does your TV support “optical passthrough of DD from HDMI ( mine does not so Optical from HDMI sources will only be in stereo.... this is why I connect directly from Q to Playbar)

2. Have you enabled Dolby Digital via HDMI in the Q menu?''



In Sky Q mini and Sonos Beams set up


"I have just got a Sonos Beam and will be using it on a Samsung UHD tv with a sky q mini attached. Does anyone know the best set up so that I can get Dolby digital to the Sonos from the sky q? Thanks. "


"Welcome to the forum, to get the best out of the Sky Q Mini and Beam set up, I would recommend looking at an HDMI ARC setup to give you the best functionality. If you use HDMI ARC from the TV you will be able to use Alexa on the Beam to turn the TV on and off. If you are planning to use Netflix on SKY Q using HDMI will give you Dolby Digital and the option to add surrounds for DD5.1 if you wish. If you were to use optical out of the Sky Q into Beam Netflix only outputs Stereo and not Dolby Digital..... Sky TV outputs 5.1, but not the Netflix for some reason.''


''Thanks for your reply. So will it be Sonos to HDMI arc on the tv and sky q to HDMI 2 on the tv? Do I have to change the audio settings on the sky q to get Dolby ?'' 


''The HDMI connections would be:  Sky Q -> TV (HDMI input). TV (HDMI ARC port) -> Sonos Beam. TV’s HDMI ports that are ARC enabled are different on different TV’s as long as it is labelled ARC you should be good to go.''


''Thanks for your help. It’s all set up and working well.''



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Thanks for all the help you provide @badmelonfarmer amazing stuff.