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He's now an Executive Producer, who registered to the forum in 2011. Since then he's provided 100 answers and thousands of hints and tips about Sky On Demand, with a particular focus on Featured Box Sets... A big THANK YOU @merv60!




In I can't watch and buy a DVD it won't work


"I can't watch and buy a DVD it won't work"


"  @k1986 Hi & welcome to the forum. We're going to need more information than that to be able to help, but be aware, this is a customer-to-customer based forum. Do you have Sky+ or Sky Q? What film are you after? Do you see any error messages? Please give as much detail as you can."



In Handmaids tale series 2 episode 1 missing


"[...]How do you get alerted to new seasons? Does this come up on the Q box?"


"  @oxfordmark Here is a link for Never Miss, it's an excellent service, some would say it is better than Series Link. You can also find it by going to, click Watch & then you'll see a list that says TV Guide, Sky Go etc. Scroll to the end of the list & you'll find Never Miss. This is what it looks like- see below [...]"





"Anyone know why I cannot find MIC season 15, I have episode 1 recorded but cannot find the rest?"


"  @TechmanagerMal If you check this thread here you'll see it says that S13 is due to be added to Box Sets on 13/8. However, when I looked earlier for you, S13 was already available from On Demand, so I'm thinking it may be a typo on that thread & it should say S15 instead. [...] So S15 will be available from next Monday on Box Sets."


"Thanks for your help and the good news."









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  Woo-hoo! I shall pin that virtual star onto my virtual t-shirt. Smiley LOL 

Thanks for the accolade @Federica-C, always a pleasure to help out on here.

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Well done @merv60 !

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  @Federica-C Any chance of a discount if I upgrade to Sky Q now that I'm a part of the elite Member of the Month gang?


@merv60 Well done congratulations

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Well deserved Merv.