Member of The Month - April 2018

Community Manager

@jamesn123 works in IT networking for a living and he's joined the community in March 2018. Since then he's used his expertise to answer customer enquiries in the Fibre and Broadband boards and made the day of many fellow members with his knowledgeable responses.    




In Slow fibre getting slower each week


"I joined sky fibre max in August last year and up until a month ago I was getting line speeds of 76mb and the sky app was reporting 80mb. [...] I was promised at least 67mb when I joined. However, a funny thing has happened recently and I don't know whether it's connected or not but I upgraded to sky go plus so I could download the movies and watch on the go and sky sent me out a new router which I didn't ask for? [...] I fail to see what could be wrong in the house.'[...]'


''I think the Sky go upgrade and new router were probably just a coincidence, I was assuming you didn't use the router that Sky sent and kept the current one? Looking at your noise margin it has been raised quite significantly which would suggest your line is being banded by DLM, so it must be detecting faults or disconnections somewhere. I see from your router stats that your line and router has only been up a short time, do you often reboot or see your line drop? This can have detrimental effects on your broadband speed due to DLM decreasing the line speed to try and stabilise the line.''


"If DLM found temporary errors and disconnects then yes eventually it would automatically speed up the line again once the errors had stopped however this usually takes at least a few weeks if not more.''


"Cheers, thanks for such a knowledgeable response [...]" 




In Bad connection over ethernet

"Hello I recently moved to a new place with sky broadband and am having really bad performance, I am connected via ethernet so nothing to do with wifi. [...] Thanks in advance!''


"Yes, 6mbps sounds about right for your line as you tend to lose 1-2mbps for certain overheads."


In Cable broadband installation concerns. 

"Morning, is it possible to use an extension cable to plug my microfilter into..... instead of straight into landline master socket thanks all"


"Yes it is possible, I've done this before however it's not recommended for best performance or stability and it will be the first thing Sky or Openreach look at if you need an engineer visit if your line ever has issues"


''Ok thanks for your reply 👍''









Thank you for this, its nice to see that you guys make time to appreciate members each month Smiley Happy

I'd also like to thank the Oracles and other members of the community for being helpful when I've had issues or needed assistance in a discussion  Smiley Happy

Community Manager

Congrats @jamesn123 - well deserved. Your input to the community is very much appreciated!