Meet the community Oracles: TimmyBGood

Community Manager

Welcome to the latest in our series of blogs putting the spotlight on each of our Oracles.


You may or may not know but they are not Sky employees they are customers just like you and dedicate an incredible amount of their own time helping other customers. 


What makes them tick and how did they get so involved in the Sky Community in the first place? I got the chance to ask these questions and others. Read on for the low down.


Meet @TimmyBGood - He's an ICT support professional who does a lot of waiting. 


“Between us, we probably know everything.”


When did you join the Sky Community?


“In September ’15.”


How long have you been an Oracle?


“Since 2017.”


Apart from being an Oracle, have you had any other roles within the community?


“Not really, never got the hang of beta testing Smiley Wink


What about you “in real life” What are your hobbies, interests, career history?


“I do ICT support for a UK charity everything from Domain Controller administration to pulling armoured fibre-optic cable through muddy ducts. For preference, I’d rather be at the seaside (cliffs, not beaches).”


How did you originally find us?


“I honestly can’t remember!”


How do you think the community helps Sky customers?


“Between us, we probably know everything.”


How would you describe the community to a new user?


“It’s mostly light grey.”


What would be your top tip or tips for a new user on the forum?


“Don’t give your question the subject line, ‘Sky Q.’ “


Do you have any tips for a member who would like to become an Oracle?


“Be nice.”


What are your favourite areas and has this changed over time?


“Sky Q and sometimes Sky VIP for chuckles.”


How do you balance your real life with your second life as an oracle?


“In the evenings, I annoy my family by being online in the forums as they actually watch Sky Q. Right now, I’m typing this while waiting for an SQL installation to finish. I do a lot of waiting.”


What are your most memorable moments?


“I discovered that ‘kitchen’ was a bad word while trying to advise someone to use a silicon pan rest as a noise reduction technique.” [Sam-R: We get a lot of spam related to cheap kitchens… don’t ask.]


Thanks for reading. Check back soon for another insight into the Sky Oracles.


If you've got a problem with your Sky that needs to be fixed or you just fancy using your expertise to help others... why not pick a category and get stuck in?

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