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Hello there. Welcome to the latest instalment in a series of blogs that puts the spotlight on each of our Oracles in turn.


You may or may not know but they are not Sky employees they are customers just like you and dedicate an incredible amount of their own time helping other customers. 


What makes them tick and how did they get so involved in the Sky Community in the first place? I got the chance to ask these questions and others. Read on for the low down.


Meet @SDR - he's got more hobbies than you can shake a stick at and writes loads of amazing blogs for us. 


“Ask and share, be polite and don’t allow yourself to be put off asking questions.”


When did you join the Sky Community?


“I joined on 30th of January 2016.”


How long have you been an Oracle?


“I’ve been an Oracle since January this year.”


Apart from being an Oracle, have you had any other roles within the community?


“Yes, I was in The Green Room, and have been a trialist for Sky+ and now currently a trialist for Sky Q. I also regularly produce blogs for the community mainly about films and sometimes about hardware in the case of the Sky Soundbox.”


What about you “in real life”. What are your hobbies, interests, career history?


“In real life I am retired and have been for close to twenty years due to ill health. I am now officially an OAP. History, gosh that would take a long time. My forum signature probably sums me up. A Catholic, Bibliophile, Cinephile, Deltiologist and casual Philatelist. Into all things Apple and I’ve been online since 1983.


In addition to all of this, I am also a writer but I usually write under a pseudonym (and no I won’t tell you what it is!). Over the years though in my own name I have written for magazines and in the early days of the internet provided online content for MSN, AOL, UKOnline and others. I was a clergyman ‘til I converted to Catholicism five years ago.”


How did you originally find us?


“I’ve always been active in online forums and I even ran one for TUTV. I had real problems getting Sky to install a dish on my retirement house although I had been a customer since the launch of Sky. I went with BT Vision in the end and was a Community Leader on their forum. When NOW TV first appeared, I was very active in their forum also. Once I got a dish successfully installed on my house I abandoned BTTV and NOW TV and at last returned to Sky and joined the community.”


How do you think the community helps Sky customers?


“It’s a great place for help. You will soon find solutions if there are any and discover all sorts of interesting things about new shows, films and software issues/updates.”


How would you describe the community to a new user?


“Friendly and informative and no question is too dumb to ask. We all had to at one point.”


What would be your top tip or tips for a new user on the forum?


“Ask and share, be polite and don’t allow yourself to be put off asking questions.”


Do you have any tips for a member who would like to become an Oracle?


“Be active, constructive and polite. AOL had a great phrase for its Hosts, ‘always smile from the wrists down.’ ”


What are your favourite areas and has this changed over time?


“I like them all!”


How do you balance your real life with your second life as an oracle?


“As I’m retired I spend most of the day every day checking for new posts which gives me a break from writing.”


What are your most memorable moments?


“I’d say the launch of Sky Q and then the launch of the Soundbox.”


Thanks for reading. Check back soon for another insight into the Sky Oracles.


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"don’t allow yourself to be put off asking questions."


Very good advice Smiley Happy




I also forgot my other lng time hobby running two internet radio stations