Meet the community Oracles: Oldfella

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Welcome to the penultimate in our series of blogs putting the spotlight on each of our Oracles.


You may or may not know but they are not Sky employees they are customers just like you and dedicate an incredible amount of their own time helping other customers. 


What makes them tick and how did they get so involved in the Sky Community in the first place? I got the chance to ask these questions and others. Read on for the low down.


Meet @oldfella - he joined the community to research Sky Q and hasn't left since!


"The knowledge of the regular users helps new users to get to grips with their problems and niggles.”

When did you join the Sky Community?


“April 2016.”


How long have you been an Oracle?


“About 15 months.”


Apart from being an Oracle, have you had any other roles within the community?


“I joined the Beta programme last year and have taken part in Sky Q trials. Gives great insight into ongoing developments and a chance to try to stabilize the software before general release.”


What about you “in real life” What are your hobbies, interests, career history?


“After 44 years with the same company I’ve retired to a life of hopeful leisure. I Still try to keep useful to my wife and tackle as much DIY and maintenance as I can. I try to keep active and luckily the neighbours dog helps as he takes us for a daily trek around our locality. It’s an ideal arrangement as we can drop him off no matter the condition he’s in. I like to travel as much as possible and try to find a modicum of sun to ease the winter blues.”


How did you originally find us?


“I joined the community when researching to upgrade to Sky Q.”


How do you think the community helps Sky customers?


“Hopefully the knowledge of the regular users helps new users to get to grips with their problems and niggles.”


How would you describe the community to a new user?


“It’s a great source of knowledge and help.”


What would be your top tip or tips for a new user on the forum?


“It’s best to keep your posts concise and clear. Always be courteous to other users.”


Do you have any tips for a member who would like to become an Oracle?


“Just be as active and helpful as you can.”


What are your favourite areas and has this changed over time?


“I like to help other users and so mainly stick to the Sky Q forum.”


How do you balance your real life with your second life as an oracle?


“being retired certainly helps!”


What are your most memorable moments?


“Being invited to the Oracle programme was a major highlight and it’s always refreshing to receive thanks from forum users.”


Thanks for reading. Check back soon for another insight into the Sky Oracles.


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