Meet the community Oracles: Chrisee

Community Manager

Welcome to the latest instalment in our series of blogs putting the spotlight on each of our Oracles.


You may or may not know but they are not Sky employees they are customers just like you and dedicate an incredible amount of their own time helping other customers. 


What makes them tick and how did they get so involved in the Sky Community in the first place? I got the chance to ask these questions and others. Read on for the low down.


Meet @Chrisee - he's relatively new here but has made a big impact. He's a massive AV geek and his background in citizens advice is helpful.


"It’s friendly and not scary so please ask away if you can’t find what you want to do by doing a quick search."


When did you join the Sky Community?


“I joined in February 2016.”


How long have you been an Oracle?


“Around 15 months.”


Apart from being an Oracle, have you had any other roles within the community?


I am a product trialist as well as a member of The Green Room. The Green Room is really useful as it allows interaction with Sky’s technical specialists. Although there has only been one Q beta so far it did help to understand the future direction of the product.”


What about you “in real life” What are your hobbies, interests, career history?


“I am retired and enjoying life by travelling with my wife as when working we had limited time. I like helping people and up until recently, I was an adviser for the Citizens Advice Bureau. Before I retired I was a manager with the national Citizens Advice helping to develop systems. My interests include technology as I’m an unashamed geek. I read extensively about technology especially the AV scene.


How did you originally find us?


“I was interested in Sky Q and had been following its development. I found the forum to be a useful source of information so joined and started posting questions gradually moving on to answering them.”


How do you think the community helps Sky customers?


“Customers helping customers is a good model.”


How would you describe the community to a new user?


“It’s friendly and not scary so please ask away if you can’t find what you want to do by doing a quick search. The people answering are customers too so be reasonably polite, nobody likes to be on the receiving end of a rant.”


What would be your top tip or tips for a new user on the forum?


Try a simple search but be careful if the answer is over 6 months old you should try asking the question again as it may have changed.”


Do you have any tips for a member who would like to become an Oracle?


“Be helpful to members – remember we were all newbies once.”


What are your favourite areas and has this changed over time?


“The Sky Q board is where I spend the majority of my time but the broadband boards interest me. I watch private boards like The Green Room closely as well as they tell me things I need to know.”


How do you balance your real life with your second life as an oracle?


“I’m a bit of a lark. I’m up early.”


What are your most memorable moments?


“The threat by the owners of Discovery and Eurosport to pull their channels. This generated a lot of anti-Sky posts which were badly informed. I also like when a new firmware update lands. Makes things nice and busy.


Thanks for reading. Check back soon for another insight into the Sky Oracles.


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