Meet the Sky Help Video Team



Hi, I’m Dan and I’m a Digital Video Editor here at Sky. I wanted to share a little insight into what it takes to create the help videos which our customers use every day.


How do I make a video?


Generally, it takes 6 weeks to create a video for Sky Help, the process starts when I receive my brief, these can come from almost any team at Sky. I work with colleagues from all around Sky completing research, creating scripts and producing storyboards to make sure our videos make sense, are helpful and straight to the point for you to get your required help as fast as possible.


Once I have storyboards ready, I’ll create a draft version of the video. I look through my “assets” folder which is where I keep all the previous images I’ve made or used before. If I’m missing any I’ll create it. I build the animation and read the script myself, we call this “scratch voiceover”. Then, during the editing stage, I apply my script reading to the video and that gives me my 1st draft.


Next, I share my draft with the team who requested the video and once everyone is agreed, we get the professional voiceover artist in. Finally, I make some final tweaks and upload the video to our online library.


Meet the team


The Sky Help video team is a small dedicated team based in London. We’re passionate about producing great content for you – check out our video at the top of this page to learn more about us.


Where can you find my videos?


My videos are available on the Sky Help YouTube channel, but you’ll also find them on the My Sky app, and the Sky Community.


Check out our YouTube channel here.

About the author
I'm a video editor for Sky Help.