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I recently had the chance to sit down with a Sky engineer who talked me through some of the great work that so many engineers complete every day. I wanted to take the opportunity to share a glimpse into his role at Sky.


Q: Tell me a little about you and what you do?

A: My name is Andy, I’m a Sky Broadband Tech Team engineer covering the North West of England.

My role is incredibly diverse, I support our customers by installing new broadband equipment, optimizing their setup to offer the fastest speeds and strongest wireless networks and so much more. 


Q: Don’t Sky engineers just install satellite dishes?

A: No, we have different engineers with different specialities. We have lots of engineers who support Sky TV customers, Sky's Special Install teams support properties which are a little trickier to work on. The Broadband Tech Team was set up around a year ago because faster and more reliable broadband is becoming ever more important to Sky customers.


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Q: How many customers do you visit in a day?

A: No two days are ever quite the same, all the work assigned to me is designed to limit the amount of driving I do, this way I can spend a much time helping customers as possible.

If I do finish early, I pick up some additional jobs, we plan to offer more same-day visits in the future.


Q: Why do you love what you do?

A: I’ve always been passionate about going above and beyond to help others, before working at Sky, I worked for social services supporting vulnerable people in the local community.

I see the opportunity to be invited into people homes to make their life a little easier a chance to continue supporting my community.


Q: Can you give me an example of that?

A: I visited an older gentleman who had an issue with his telephone line, it was a relatively quick fix.

We got chatting and he explained he had recently suffered a home invasion which had led to him buying a CCTV system which was linked to the phone and broadband setup in the property.

I could completely empathise with his situation and our conversation gave me a greater appreciation of the job. His phone line was more than just a way to contact people, it offered him genuine peace of mind.

When I was leaving the property, he told me he felt safe in his home again. That is why I love what I do.


Having the chance to spend some time with Andy opened my eyes to the fantastic work Sky's engineers complete every day. To share your great experience of a Sky engineer click here.


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Really good article. I enjoyed reading it.


The Broadband tech team is awesome and Andy is an awesome member of the Broadband tech team! Smiley Happy


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I would like to thank Neil (sky engineer)who came round yesterday and sorted my broadband speed.