Exclusive interview with Melina Kanakaredes

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Tell us a bit about your character, Dr Lane Hunter?


Lane is a world-renowned oncologist, she has three clinics in the Atlanta area under her name and she is uber successful, very powerful. She is also the mentor to Conrad, and I think she was very attending when he was first starting. So she is a flawed, interesting, powerful character who tends to make lives, she is going to take risks with her medicine and her practices to save their lives.


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What journey does she go on as the season unfolds?


I mean here is the thing, I don’t know how far you guys have gotten there. There is, she is appealing and interesting to me as an actor because she is unlike any other character I have played. Where she makes some fatal flawed decision, and she is… does become one of the more villain-esk characters on the show. Which is so fun to play, not necessarily someone I want to be in my personal life… which is so great about being an actor! And that’s why this show is so much... interesting in showing the human flawed side of people in the world of medicine.


Three words to describe the show? 

 Unique, passionate and beyond entertaining. That’s four, but I mean...


What makes Resident different from other medical shows? Particularly as it’s not your first?


Well, this is a new age and a new day. People are instantly getting gratification on their phones, and uncovering the reality of what’s happening in the world in 30 seconds or less. So along with the escape of the entertainment part of this, this is a drama series meant to entertain. It is showing the business side of medicine. Every time I get a new episode or read the script, I go “what.. I have no idea this is happening!”. 


I think sometimes, we as human beings look at doctors as these amazing people that are not flawed in any way, and they are godlike and whatever they say we should do. The truth is we need to pay attention. What happened for me in a positive light was that as soon as I started reading, getting to know the material and understand the show and where it came from. I realised...Oh my gosh, there is so much we don’t know about this world and the business side of the world and how fun to be on the show that uncovers a new way of telling a story. Unlike Providence, where everything was beautiful and ended beautifully. And Syd Hansen was an amazing heroic character, which I loved to play.


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And I would say, Conrad, who doesn’t always follow the rules is like the Sydney Hansen of our show. But the difference is that he facing and breaks rules in a big way that could really get him in trouble. But he does it vigilantly for the right...good side of good. And those of us, like Dr Bells’ character and Lane’s character that has been around the block for a long time, perhaps at one time in their life was very virtuous and had that same attention and those same desires. The power, and the money, and bureaucracy and hubris got the best of them. And all of a sudden we are seeing challenges and it is great, and a completely new way to tell a story in that sense.


Is there any character you are drawn into by this show apart from Dr Lane? 


I like to look at the whole show as a character, I think it is an incredible ensemble piece. The writing is awesome, the directing is... It is a complete good group of people to be working with, every actor is special and unique and brings something to the table. I had so much fun being a part of it. You know.. and I often say it is so hard, because Emily VanCamp and I get along so well and I adore her, and we hate each other on camera. Our characters are at each other at all times, it is very difficult. It is fun because we both enjoy playing the roles we play, but afterwards, we are like “I am sorry I was so mean to you!”. It’s fun.



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Do friends come to you for medical advice?


They don’t come to me, but I definitely offer it, and my family members are like “What, Stop it!”. I am like you don’t understand I cannot memorise this dialogue unless I know what it means, so I do know a little bit. So yea... I mean I will offer my services, but I always tell them like go see a real doctor! When we did this on episodes...what you call it. You know.. Number 3 and NCIS. There were funny things you know... I cannot memorise anything and play it well unless I know what it means and what the procedures like and it's important too... you know to be driven and know what they want to do.


What was your favourite part of The Resident?


Because we have finished the series...I would say... you know the build of the show was slow and it is interesting and fun, but I would have to be the finale... is both bitter and sweet, and yes was fun. Very fun to play. But you see how I did there, I want them to watch it all the way through!


Is there anything you want to share with your fans?

Thank you to the UK, because I have had supportive fans from the UK from the Providence days and it’s great. Cause Lane is very unique and she is the villain of the show, so I keep getting text/Twitter from fans going “We love to hate you!” which is very nice and it’s a nice compliment. I have already got UK fans that are talking to me about this show.

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some very in-depth responses there. Very interesting. Smiley Happy


Excellent, can’t wait for the show to start.