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Waiting on hub

On 11th Sky have emailed me and informed me that my phoneline and broadband are active, they have done this despite me having no hub.


I have called them continously since 11th to tell them I have no hub. I have had agents telling me the hub has been sent which it transpires is not true.


I'm now told that the "system" says I have an old hub so I didn't need one - I don't have an old hub and nobody asked me if I did have one. Another agent told me it was irrelevant if I had an old hub as it wouldn't work now.


So now I am waiting on a manager to confirm I have no hub and to authorise sending out another one, however,  no-one can give a timeline as to when this will happen. No agent will put you through to a manager.


No idea whe I will be getting a hub and no doubt I will then have a battle on my hands to get credit for the period from 11th October to the actual date of resolution.






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Re: Waiting on hub

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@DT66Is track orders totally clear saying no orders in my account?

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Re: Waiting on hub

Hi Highlander.


The fact that there was no order in the system is reflective of Sky's system and not the fact that I had ordered broadband.


Apparently the system said that I had a hub from 2019 hence there was no hub sent to me. Nobody bothered to check if I still had that hub - which I didn't - and apparently it takes 72 hours for a manager to update this record. Not sure it this breaks GDPR rules seeing as I wasn't a Sky broandband customer since 2019.


I spoke to various agents in Sky who all told me different stories and some of them were blantant lies. Needless to say when the TV contract terminates I won't be renewing as I have never been treated with such disdain.


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