Discussion topic: VERY slow upload speed (<1Mbps)

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VERY slow upload speed (<1Mbps)



Since becoming a new customer three weeks ago, I have never had reliable upload speed. It drops persistently - for several minutes at a time - down to <1Mbps according to fast.com, this is most noticeable on video calls where the incoming video is always very clear but my picture and sound freezes for external users.

In contrast, upload speed is reliable, between 50-70Mbps. Could you let me know what can be done please?Screenshot from 2023-11-20 22-25-22.png


Screenshot from 2023-11-20 22-25-22.png


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Re: VERY slow upload speed (<1Mbps)

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Your Hub stats show a 'Superfast' (80/20) service running as well as is possible for the technology.


Do you encounter the low outbound speed on ethernet as well as WiFi?

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