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TV showing a Wi-Fi issue

I'm watching a film on Amazon through sky and it just stopped and the screen says 'something went wrong' try again later. An independent WiFi speed test says 52Mbs, but the sky test says everything is fine.. it's clearly not or Amazon prime video wouldn't have frozen! I'm paying £50pm for a shocking service that keeps dropping out, but sky say there's nothing they can do because everything is fine! And I'm not in contract so need to sign up to a new one! Infuriating!


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Re: TV showing a Wi-Fi issue

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@SJCollinge you are not talking to Sky by posting in the forum however forum members can probably help. It is difficult to know what caused your issue without knowing more. First thing is can you pist your hub's connection stats see Find your Sky Broadband router statistics


The connection speed test sounds more than enough to stream movies in UHD but wifi speeds can vary greatly in a home and TVs can be paticularly difficult. Ideally if you have a Netflix account on the TV go into the app and run the Network test in the Get Help menu as that will tell you thecspeed at the TV. If as sounds likely its a poor connection to the TV is it possible to usecan ethernet cable from the hub to the TV? Ethernet is far more reliable than wifi. 

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