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Sky Q Hub SR203 Problem

I have 2 27"macs  2011 and 2017 + an iPad Pro and iPad mini, on the 2017 and both iPads I an now banned from a site I been going to for 20 years BUT I'm NOT banned from it on the 2011 mac, all are connected to the same Sky Q broadband SR203 hub, I've looked at all the info for both macs on the 192.168.0,1 and as far I can tell they all match other than the DHCP IP last number and some IPv6 addresses,  I'm told that the SR203 HUBs have some internal issues with address trying to asigning the same address twice, do they ?.

 I also found under "Display the routing Table, " Diagnostics; Router Table,  lists all the IPv4 match on both mac, on the IPv6 95% match, should they all be the same ?.

is there an answer to this problem, or is the Hub broken, if so will sky change it ?.


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Re: Sky Q Hub SR203 Problem



It sounds like the public IP address that is assigned for IPv4 is banned from that site, and the reason 1 device is banned and not the other is that 1 supports IPv4 only and the other IPv4 & IPv6.


To solve the issue try turning off the router for more than half an hour to allocate another public IPv4 address to your connection.


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