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Sky Hub 6 - slow wifi



We have recently set up our Sky Hub 6 as part of our Sky Stream package. However, the wifi is painfully slow on our laptops and mobile phones. It takes ages for a web page to open, despite the speed tests telling us we should be getting around 140mbs speeds.


Our Openreach point is built under the stairs so that is where the hub is based. However, when I've gone under the stairs and used the wifi on my phone right next to the hub it has still been incredibly slow to load the pages.

We have only had the router for a day or two but this seems unusually slow. I've done the old "turn it off and on" trick without any success...


Can anyone offer any further advice on this?


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Re: Sky Hub 6 - slow wifi

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@RebeccaScott76  Are you able to run a longer ethernet cable that can connect to the ONT and run it to another room more central?

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