Sky Broadband Speed

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Sky Broadband Speed

Good afternoon,


I'm writing this with help of my son who is visiting as getting fed up with both myself and the family when they come not being able to properly use the internet.


The problem started about  3 years ago when I had a fault on the line outside that affected my calls but my internet was still running good at 5-6mbps.


After that visit the calls were good but I was left with internet speeds of 0.02 mbps - As I had a long period of being unwell, did not bother with the internet to get this fixed - I did a line checker with my son a few months back and the diagnostic came back with 'fault on line' we will dispactch an engineer who does not need to enter your property.


With me having poor mobility and deaf, the engineer came and  explained and ran some tests and he tried to explain that he needed to 'boost' the signal and called the sky office to do this - he then left explaining that all was back to how it should be and thought was good.


Since then the connection is still as bad as ever and visitors have done speed checks on their devices and still coming back with speeds of 0.3 - 0.4 which is awful is 2019 when was fine before Sky touched by wiring. My devices work fine and fast when I go to visitors homes.


I cannot hear you to make a call and understand the following stats may prove useful.


Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collisions Tx B/s Rx B/s Up TimeWANLANWLAN


Broadband Link Downstream UpstreamConnection SpeedLine AttenuationNoise Margin

1024 kbps921 kbps
52.0 dB30.6 dB
3.1 dB6.5 dB


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Re: Sky Broadband Speed

Here's a few suggestions from a fellow customer... Try using a different filter. Try connecting directly to the test socket of your master phone socket. Try Sky's broadband checker

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Re: Sky Broadband Speed

No internet at all if using master socket and broadband test say its is fine when clearly it is not - Need SKy to check past maintenance notes and come back and fix whatever they've upset previously by splitting connections outside and claimed had put right. 

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Re: Sky Broadband Speed


Are you sure its the master socket? If you get no broadband via the master socket then I am not sure how any of your slave sockets would work. Do you have any other telephones connected without a microfilter?

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Re: Sky Broadband Speed

Also, @The+Old+Ham, did you try the test socket  as suggested by @dwg1? Doing so helps to rule out issues with your internal wiring. This explains how to use it.

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