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What a complete shambles your customer service is been having bb fibre trouble since it was fitted.
Spoke to Jim if that’s his real name 🤣 who did all the checks & then booked an engineer visit b4 he went Jim said I will ring you in two days on Saturday morning just to make sure everything is ok.
I said you are joking any customer service agent who said they would ring back never ever does it’s all lip service.
He said I promise you I’m back in Saturday I will definitely ring you without fail….what time do you want me to ring you I said you won’t ring I’m not staying in waiting for your call.

I will definitely definitely ring you back he said…ok 11am Saturday as I watch my grandson play footie normally but I will wait for your call….you guessed it I waited until 11.15am no phone call I said to the mrs I’m going out not waiting for these wasters.
Now 1pm still no call.🤷🏾‍♂️
Moral of the story don’t be upset when sky let you down as I didn’t have great expectations anyway🥴
#ClownShow 🤡🤡🤡


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