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Really Frustrated

Currently have no broadband, so no phone, no wi-fi, no TV. Been like this since very early yesterday morning. The phone immediately directs you to an autmated voicemail saying that they are aware of issue and that it willl be sorted ASAP. Well when is that exactly? I have 5 kids in the house, 2 of whom, plus me, work from home so have been trying to survive by hot-spotting from our mobiles which is costing anabsolute fortune in data, albeit that Sky have given us an extra 2gb to 'say sorry' Jeez, that lasted about 20 minutes. Can't get any info, can't get any realistic time when back to normal, frankly horrendous service backed up by equally horrendous customer experince and support. These guys take over £300 a month from me when including mobile fees, so I am absolutely furious. Sitting here watching the dog lick her bits when apparently there's a game of football going on. Shocking. 


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Re: Really Frustrated

Same situation here; our internet and phone has stopped working as well; currently burning through the data in my piggyback.


I was told an extra 2GBs would be added to my account,  but that doesn't appear to have happened, and I've had to use my own data to top up our phones, yo use as Hotspots, which is really inexcusable   considering I'm paying for a service,  that were not currently getting; I hope that this is reimbursed.


Really hoping this is sorted out soon; it's a shame it's the weekend,  and we had a lot planned.


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