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Patchy connection quality

Hi. We had Sky broadband installed a couple of weeks ago. Overall, things seem fine - my download speed is perfectly adequate for my needs so no complaints there. I haven't tried online gaming, but that's not something I really bother with anyway, so it's not a concern.


What I have noticed, however, is that the connection with the hub can be a bit 'wobbly', depending on where I am in the house. Ours is a fairly standard, modern semi-detached, and the hub sits in the lounge, behind the tv. Admittedly, this might not be the best place for the hub, but we didn't really have an alternative as the physical connections to the internet were already in place. The connection seems patchy in some rooms, and if I step outside into our back garden it can drop off altogether.


Our pc is upstairs, but has an ethernet connection anyway, so that is not a problem area. Mobiles, tablets and laptops, however, have varying degrees of success depending on what room you are in.


Bascically, I'm trying to ascertain what would be the best way to improve connection within the house and possibly extending to our patio in the back garden. I'd read about something called Sky Boost, but I don't know  very much about it at all. Any suggestions would be most welcome - feel free to pm me direct if you wish.


Alan S.


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Re: Patchy connection quality

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@Ryohei  Broadband boost only gives you help if your Wi-Fi is below  3mb and you are in the need of a booster(s) to give you better coverage. There is a cost of £5 a month for this on top of your subscription.


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Re: Patchy connection quality

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A TV is essentially a big metal sheet so having the router behind that is basically reflecting the WiFi signals back away from your house. 

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