Discussion topic: Order not showing on account / hasn’t been activated.

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Order not showing on account / hasn’t been activated.



I have setup new wifi at a new address, whilst currently having one at an old address (I have moved out, my housemate still using old wifi)


I have paid for, received modem and supposed to have my new wifi activated today - however when I log in it only shows me my old account. 

Sky for some reason let me use the same email when purchasing my new wifi and I can't seem to retrieve any of the information from logging in. It also hasn't activated today when it should have.


could you please tell me how I retrieve my order / track info for my new address and when it will be activated ?






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Re: Order not showing on account / hasn’t been activated.

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As you have Sky at a different address you will need to set up a new Sky ID to use at this property because as you have found the account you have been using will only show you account from your previous address and the two can not appear on the same account due to them being at different locations..

If you want to use the same email address then you need to first remove it from the old account first so log into the old account here:


Then delete the email address by providing another one (perhaps your housemates) and logout of this account, this will then free it up to use when setting up your new Sky ID:


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