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Order not complete

Hi, has any one else had issues with the engineer being delayed, and not having a date for when the engineer will actually be out to set up the broadband. I have also noticed our broadband hub has not been dispatched yet.


this has meant that we have not been able to start using sky stream and we will soon be charged for a service we cannot use. 

has any one got any experience of being in this situation or any way to resolve it


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Re: Order not complete

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Yes: with many thousands of broadband activations every day, some will inevitably be delayed.


It's unfortunate that Sky does not make it clearer when selling Stream that delivery of puck(s) and provision of broadband are completely separate processes with very different timescales.


Putting the address into the BT Wholesale Availability Checker should indicate which provisioning type is applicable at your property.




It's the table and the two text lines below it which are most useful.

Remove any personal information (such as the address itself) if you post an image.

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