Discussion topic: My Sky IP Address is constanatly being blacklisted on Spamhaus and Spamrats

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My Sky IP Address is constanatly being blacklisted on Spamhaus and Spamrats

Every other week my Sky IP Address is being listed on Spamhaus and Spamrats. This is causing any emails I send out to be delivered to recipients' spam folders. 

I can remove the blacklist from Spamhaus by using the online form request but the SpamRats listing is not as simple.



This is the report from SpamRats:

Alert: Your IP is part of a network listed as a Worst Offender and this means that not only this IP address, but the whole class 'C' is also on the indicated SpamRATS List. Usually, this means the whole range has the same issue of naming conventions or no reverse DNS AND that many IP's from this Class C has been used in Spam Attacks, Dictionary attacks or other forms of attacks, as detected by Mail Servers in the Data Collection Grid. You will NOT be able to use the removal form to remove your IP Addresses.

All emails I send out are being sent out via my service provider SMTP:  mail104.extendcp.co.uk which reports no issues. and my emails carry a DMARC Record and SPF record.

Can anyone advise on how to stop the spam listing from happening?

  • I have reset the router to generate a new IP.
  • Run a full trojan and virus check on all my devices connecting to the internet.

Any help or advice appreciated. Or if anyone can point me in the direction of a person who can help.



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Re: My Sky IP Address is constanatly being blacklisted on Spamhaus and Spamrats



I've seen emails from this domain on my own email server and the domains that email through it are not rDNS and certificate is invald for the originating domain. Having no rDNS entry for the originating domain will cause blacklisting issues and there is little that can be done, and it certainly isn't Sky's issue for that's the client's public IP and only the client's email server would reject based on that information...


A good email server setup has:-




rDNS from the originating domain

valid TLS certificate for the email domain


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