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Moving socket - electrician

The sky engineer fitted my master socket right next to the face of the fireplace. I did mention to him that I would need to get it moved - as soon as I installed a socket on the other side of the room the following day - and was told this would be no problem.

I did call Sky to arrange this - the first time a month ago- and was told that OpenReach is not talking bookings for this right now. I called again today and was told the same. No bookings for relocations...you can book for new installations though it seems.


Anyway - can I get my normal electrician to move the socket?


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Re: Moving socket - electrician

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Relocations seem to be impossible to get at the moment, I assume this is because Openreach are too busy carrying out repairs & new installs. 


In Openreaches eyes you wouldnt be able to get your electrician to move the socket as any master socket is property of Openreach. Although I suppose there isnt really anything stopping you doing so. 

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