Mesh network help

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Mesh network help

Hey :-)


Very new. 


I’m having real trouble with my internet connection when I came across the idea of a mesh network from searching for a solution online.


I’m fairly savvy, as in I’ve googled and forum’d my way through setting up various surround sound systems etc. Anyway. 


I was was wondering if those experienced in setting up a mesh network could tell me how difficult it is. Some advertisements imply you connect turn it on and boom done. However it looks much more complex than that from the questions asked here about ‘bridging’ and Sky hubs not supporting a setting?


thanks all.


I have a large 4 bed old build (solid walls) with three teens who all wants various gadgets attached to the internet. We have the fastest broadband on Sky but have issues upstairs in the bedrooms - thinking a mesh system spreads the signal out More evenly?

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Re: Mesh network help

I can offer my thoughts as a fellow customer  Smiley Happy  Firstly if your only wifi blind spots are the upstairs bedrooms, powerline adapters with built-in wifi access points might be your cheapest and most convenient option. Depending on the condition of your electrical wiring they should be reliable and pretty much plug and play. Regarding a mesh system, if it were me I would either go for a mesh with its own router (one that can be configured so it operates on a network separate from the Sky router, although still physically attached to it), or maybe replace the Sky router altogether with a recommended third party one, or maybe explore the deployment of Q/Sky boosters (perhaps one of our Oracles can give more insight). Hope this helps  Smiley Happy

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Re: Mesh network help


As @dwg1 has said, have you considered Sky Q? This system will give you an upgraded TV experience, cheap implementation of TV in any room you desire and a complete mesh system all in one go. 

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