Inconsistent broadband speeds, poor wireless connection

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Inconsistent broadband speeds, poor wireless connection

So recently there’s been quite a few issues with the fibre broadband we have from Sky. Mainly inconsistent speeds and a poor wireless connection, although it was dropping out frequently also but that seems to have stopped.


In relation to the speeds, sometimes it will be fine and others it will be abysmal. Most recent example was downloading an update on the Playstation, gave me a time of 31 minutes for a 4.7gb update. Left it to download, came back close to 2 hours later and it had downloaded 2gb of the 4.7 and gave a time of 2 hours for the remaining 2.7gb. It’s now fluctuating between 30 and 50 minutes for what is left. This also happens when streaming movies or videos etc, where it will stop to buffer more often than it plays what I’m trying to watch or download.


The wireless connection range then is absolutely terrible, very poor connection in the upstairs of the house (won’t load replies to tweets on twitter which are literally just text and a thumbnail of people’s display pictures etc).


Considering we’re paying for “super fast” fibre I would be expecting much better than this. Hoping someone on here can provide help that will resolve or lessen these issues, otherwise we’ll be moving to a different provider.

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Re: Inconsistent broadband speeds, poor wireless connection

As a starting point for the forum to take a look, we'll need your router statistics. The sticky at the top of the forum explains how to find and post them.

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Re: Inconsistent broadband speeds, poor wireless connection


Playstation downloads are well known to be wildly inconsistent and slow. If you are downloading updates over WiFi and have other devices contending for the bandwidth also then you are going to have a bad time. WiFi can only do so much and if you have many devices or a lot of WiFi interference around you then the issue is only going to get amplified. 


Although please do as @Mark39 said and post your router stats too

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Re: Inconsistent broadband speeds, poor wireless connection

How to find your router stats Smiley Happy

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